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A short history of mashup music

Mashup stands apart from other musical genres because it combines two or more songs from different types of music creating a new artistic concept. This particular style is relatively new to the scene, but it has already amassed a large fan base, and nowadays there are several radio stations and streaming websites that are exclusively dedicated to mashup music. When mashup became a style The history of mashup music can be traced back to the early days of recording, over 100 years ago. However, the practice of combining a vocal track with elements from different melodies only became popular...

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Best mashup songs ever made

Mashup music has gained a high level of popularity in the last decade. You can hear many mashup hits on the radio, in films, in ads and most of the disco clubs. In fact, this genre is so popular that most people don’t realize that they are often listening to a remix that combines several songs from different periods in music history. Here are some well-known hits that you might not know were mashup songs: DJ Topcat’s folk and hip-hop combo There are few listeners out there that would include both country music and gangsta hip-hop in their favorite...

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How to mashup songs for free

Do you dream of being a famous DJ that entertains stadiums full of people with his sick beats? Well, dream no more because you can become an international music artist through a lot of hard work and determination. The good news is that the first step in that direction is right up your alley: mashup music. You can start creating individual playlists by mixing music at home, on your computer. It does not matter if your first group of fans will include only your mom, your cat and some of the local neighbors. You have to start somewhere, and...

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Mix with max (ableton live session)